About Us
Military Antiques of Stockholm AB is located in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is owned and operated by Peter v Lukacs, who has been collecting militaria for more then 25 years.

Peter is a graduate of Law at Stockholm University. Going on to work for 2 years in the Swedish court system. Then becoming a Vice-President of one of Sweden´s largest finance companies. This then allowed Peter to indulge in his other hobby of motor racing, competing at some of Europe´s most famous race circuits. Peter also avidly collects Japanese tin toy cars.

Most of Military Antiques of Stockholm AB´s items are purchased direct from WW2 veterans in Germany, also having rare direct contacts in Eastern Europe. Several trips are made each year to evaluate and purchase militaria in countries such as Russia, Estonia and Latvia. A network of contacts have been established in Germany, Central and Eastern Europe.

All of which provide a wealth of new items, some from the former battlefields and from the veterans themselves. Amongst these items are medals, uniforms and even tank parts are often acquired for you the discriminating collector.

Military Antiques of Stockholm AB hopes to provide you the collector with new and exciting items, many of which have never before been in collector´s hands.

Björn Leo joined the company in 2006. He have been a avid militaria collector since 1975. Björn is a mainly a LW collector with Nightfighter as his passion and speciality. A Iron Cross 2´nd class and a German Helmet triggered off what seems to be a life long interest in military collectables. If you have any LW questions, don´t hesitate to contact Björn!