Heer Splinter Pattern Helmet Cover

Heer Splinter Pattern Helmet Cover

Heer Splinter Pattern Helmet Cover



Introudeced in 1942, made in Splittertarnmuster constructed of two slightly different textures and shades of HBT fabric with seven foliage loops of the same material. Drawstring is made is also made of splittertarnmuster material which has been folded and reinforced by machine stitching. The inner white side is marked in black ink "SS12842128".


The cover shows clear signs of use all over. There is a war time made mending/reinforcement all around the cover's lower edge. Made of a piece of White colored cloth first glued in Place and then reinforced with machine stitching. The damage has been caused by chafing from the helmet brim. The cover also shows faded colors and has "picks" more or less all over.


Photographed on a sized 64 helmet.


Rare Heer camo cover in well used condition!!





Heer Splinter Pattern Helmet Cover