Marsh/Tan Water (Sumpfmuster) pattern reversible to White winter

Marsh/Tan Water (Sumpfmuster) pattern reversible to White winter

Marsh/Tan Water (Sumpfmuster) pattern reversible to White winter Parka.


Three quarter length double breasted style parka with the machine rolled marsh/tan waterpattern camouflage in shades   green, tan and brown to one side, reversible to white. Interestingly the Parka is made o two different shades of cloth with slightly different color. The parka features a large, overlapping, vertical, six button front closure with a smaller overlapping wind flap. All front closure buttons are in place some have been replaced during wear. The parka has two, diagonally angled, slash hip pockets with straight edged button down flaps. The parka still has original drawstrap  at the waistline .


The sleeve cuffs each have horizontal, tunnel looped, fit adjustment straps with two corresponding buttons. The upper sleeves each ersatz, pressed cardboard buttons to both the inner and outer seams which were designed for wear of the identification armbands by front line troops. The parka has an  integral hood, which is large enough to accommodate a helmet. The hood have a tunnel looped drawstring. The parka is fully reversible to white with all the same features as on the camouflage side. The parka has an internal, heat retaining padding through-out. The parkas were designed large enough to fit over the standard service uniform.


The parka is in Little used condition with still strong colors, it has no damage except for the hanger on the White side, the White side also naturally have some stains and dirt from wear. All in all it is a very nice Little used condition.


Not so easy to find a complete exampel with all strings and ties. This one also shows strong colors!!


Marsh/Tan Water (Sumpfmuster) pattern reversible to White winter