Legion Etranger "French Foreign Legion" Document and Par

Legion Etranger &quotFrench Foreign Legion" Document and Par

Legion Etranger "French Foreign Legion" Document and Paratrooper Jump wing Group.


The Group is for the Legionaire Willy Koppelberg who joined the legion in 1952. He most probablyt saw action in Idochina. After the return was he trained to paratrooper. These Legion paratrooper units fought hard in the Algeria conflict!


The Group consist of the following items:


1. Document for the Paratrooper jump wing, it is dated the 11 of June 1954 and given to Private 2´nd class Willy Koppelberg, document is signed in original. Document have several creazes and tears at the edges, still a nice one!


2. Jump wing made by ANDOR with nice patina, it is made in the same time period as the document is signed but is not the awarded one. Matches the Group perfectly though.


3. Good Service document given at the end of the enlistment period, dated the 15 of September 1957 and given to Private 1´st class Willy Koppelberg. Nice large document, but this also with folds creazing and missing parts at the edges. Signed in original.


4. Document for the Commeorative Medal for service in North Africa "Medal Commemorative en Afrique du Nord". Dated October 3 and given to Willy Koppelberg. Signed in fachsimile. Two folds, except that document is in good condition.


Nice Group to a Soldier of the Legion! Not so easy to find!!





Legion Etranger "French Foreign Legion" Document and Par