Grossdeutschland Infantry Oberfeldwebel's Shoulder Straps

Grossdeutschland Infantry Oberfeldwebel\'s Shoulder Straps

Grossdeutschland Infantry Oberfeldwebel's Shoulder Straps



The Division "GroƟdeutschland was an elite combat unit of the German Army (Heer) that fought on the Eastern Front in World War II. The unit originally started out as a ceremonial guard unit in the 1920's and by the late 1930's had grown into a regiment of the combined Wehrmacht German armed forces. The regiment would later be expanded and renamed Infantry Division GroƟdeutschland in 1942, and after significant reorganization was renamed Panzergrenadier Division GroƟdeutschland in May 1943. In November 1944, while the division retained its status as a panzergrenadier division, some of its subordinate units were expanded to divisional status, and the whole group of divisions were reorganized as Panzerkorps GroƟdeutschland.


Early second pattern slip-on shoulder straps made of dark green/blue combat wool with bright silver/aluminum rank tresse. Two silver washed rank pip and silver washed, magnetic "GD" monogram cypher pinned in Place to each strap. Early war type of rank tresse sewn all around the edges. White wool waffenfarbe piping to the edges. Slip-on retaining tounges intact to the reverse. The reverse has blue/grey boiled wool backing cloth.   


Perfectly matching pair with minor signs of wear / storage wear.


Super nice pair, early war produced Grossdeutschland shoulder straps!!


Grossdeutschland Infantry Oberfeldwebel's Shoulder Straps

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